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72-10 11s For Sale On the morning of Oct. 27, a corpse was found hanging from La Concordia bridge in the impoverished Mexico City neighborhood of Iztapalapa.
Bleeding from the face and bent in two from the loop around its waist that suspended it in midair, the shocking sight unleashed 72-10 11s For Sale a new level of horror in this capital city.
72-10 11s For Sale While Mexicans have seen executions like this before – in which the organized crime members seem to be sending a gruesome message to rivals, the authorities or the media – they have mostly occurred in the country’s northern states and along its Pacific coast.
In fact, Mexico City – both the D.F., or federal district, and its suburbs in the State of Mexico – historically have been spared the large-scale killings, abductions and extortion 72-10 11s For Sale that are most commonly associated with drug cartels.
72-10 11s For Sale But that has been changing since the government of then-President Felipe Calderón unleashed its all-out assault on drug cartels in 2006. Over the course of the years, it has happened slowly, but recently the situation in the capital has gotten much worse, with unmistakable signs of organized crime gang activity. And the municipal government seems to be in denial over the change.
Two months before the La Concordia find, five people were tortured and killed in the apartment they shared in the middle-class neighborhood of Navarte – the same part of the city where the photojournalist Rubén 72-10 11s For Sale Espinosa suffered the same fate in July.
72-10 11s For Sale Exactly 30 days before, Marco Antonio Utrilla, the owner of a bar called Life, was chased through the city for hours in the middle of the night by gunmen until he reached the bar in Condesa, the city's hippest, most fashionable neighborhood, where he was executed.
"There's a clear operation, blunt and precise, by the cartels in Mexico City," José Antonio Ortega, president of the Citizen's Council for Public Safety and Penal Justice, a civic group that tracks organized crime violence,72-10 11s For Sale told Fox News Latino.
72-10 11s For Sale Ortega said that Calderón's strategy to stop the drug flow to the United States diverted the illicit sale of narcotics toward the interior of Mexico. "The jewel of the crown of this market,” 72-10 11s For Sale he pointed out, “is Mexico City."
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Costruzioni Civile e Industriali


L' impegno sul "Nuovo" prevede sia il settore delle Civili abitazioni sia quello dell' Industriale.

Recupero Immobili Storici


Tra le opere svolte ne figurano due in particolar modo interessanti, che meritano di essere descritte in modo particolareggiato, Il Monastero di S.Micheletto e l'ex Banco di Roma.

Visita l'ex Banco di Roma
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