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Retro 72-10 11s For Sale A U.S. federal judge on Friday sentenced a former Colombian paramilitary leader to more than 16 years in prison for drug trafficking.
Retro 72-10 11s For Sale Rodrigo Tovar, better known by his alias Jorge 40, was one of more than a dozen right-wing militia leaders extradited to the U.S. in 2008 after then-President Alvaro Uribe accused them of breaking the terms of an earlier peace deal.
Retro 72-10 11s For Sale Unlike the other warlords, Tovar refused to negotiate and instead fought the drug charges. While he admitted to imposing a war tax on cocaine moving through the Caribbean countryside he once lorded over he said he wasn't personally involved in the trade and attributed any wrongdoing to Colombia's conflict.
Retro 72-10 11s For Sale With time served and good conduct, federal Judge Reggie B. Walton in Washington said Tovar could be released in under five years.
Retro 72-10 11s For Sale The son of a military officer, Tovar was born around the same time in the same sleepy Caribbean capital of Valledupar as the man who became one of his chief battlefield adversaries: the rebel leader known by his alias Simon Trinidad.
Retro 72-10 11s For Sale Troops under Tovar's command were responsible for some of the worst paramilitary atrocities that took place in northern Colombia. Information pulled from an associate's computer was key in unlocking secrets about the connection between the political elite in the Caribbean region and the right-wing militias, eventually leading to the arrest or investigation of dozens of lawmakers in Colombia's so-called para-politics scandal.
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Costruzioni Civile e Industriali


L' impegno sul "Nuovo" prevede sia il settore delle Civili abitazioni sia quello dell' Industriale.

Recupero Immobili Storici


Tra le opere svolte ne figurano due in particolar modo interessanti, che meritano di essere descritte in modo particolareggiato, Il Monastero di S.Micheletto e l'ex Banco di Roma.

Visita l'ex Banco di Roma
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